PC United Student Council

PC United Student Government

PC UNITED Student Government (PCUSG) is the official student government organization on campus (Student Governance 2.5.5.) PC United represents student interests and concerns and promotes student involvement in school-sponsored events, clubs, forums, athletics, and honor societies. PC United provides an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills and work on issues that impact the student body. Being involved means opportunities for leadership training, conferences, scholarships, networking with administration and faculty and making a difference on campus and in our community.

Meetings: PC United meets every Monday (Fall & Spring Semester) from 1:00-3:00 pm in the Student Union to review and coordinate programs and services that benefit the students. Meetings are open to the student body. The weekly meetings are governed by students and supported by advisors. There are many opportunities to get involved such as Student Forums, Community Services opportunities, Annual Bear Day, and Fundraising.

Executive Team members are vetted by the PC United Advisors and elected into office by the student body. The Executive Team includes the President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Involvement, Vice President of Advocacy, and the Secretary.

General Membership

  • PC United is made up of PC Club representatives who are selected by their club to represent them at the PC United meetings each week. There are general PC United members who support the activities of the student government.

PC Student Leadership Council

  • This group is made up of the PC United Executive Team and Club Representatives and meets with the PC President at least one time per semester. This group provides feedback directly to the president about successes and concerns about Phoenix College.

Contact the PC United president or the Student Life and Leadership Office if you are interested in serving on a college committee, forming a club or organization, planning a college activity, or becoming involved in student government. Students are also welcome to provide suggestions and feedback for PC United to bring to the attention of campus leadership by submitting ideas and comments at our designated suggestions boxes.