How do I get more information about ESL classes at Phoenix College?

For more information about the ESL program, you can:

1.  Call the ESL Hotline – (602) 285-7375

2.  Visit the Phoenix College ESL website – www.phoenixcollege.edu/esl 

3.  Visit Phoenix College ESL on Facebook – www.facebook.com/PhoenixCollegeESL 

4.  Email Phoenix College ESL - esl@phoenixcollege.edu

How do I qualify for the in-state tuition rate?

To qualify for in-state tuition, a student has to be a US citizen or permanent resident, who has been living in Arizona for 12 months. For questions, email ar@phoenixcollege.edu.

Special In-state Tuition Rate: Spring 2021 Discount: 

For students who have not lived in Arizona for 12 months and have legal presence, the Maricopa Community College District has a special rate of $85 per credit hour for students who take 6 or less credits during the Spring 2021 semester (beginning in January).  For a three-credit class, the cost would only be $255.  Normally, a student who has not lived in Arizona for 12 months would be charged the out-of-state rate of $978 for a 3-credit class. 

Most classes are 3 credits.  The program offers a few 1-credit classes; however only 3-credit classes are offered during COVID-19.   For more information on the courses this semester, please visit our ESL Course List.

The ideal scenario is to take all 4 classes (12 credits) in your level. However, students can take as little as just one or two classes. We recommend taking at least two classes.  An ESL advisor can help you choose the specific classes to fit your educational needs.  For more information on the courses this semester, please visit our ESL class schedule: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/programs/english-second-language-esl/esl…

The free CELSA assessment will identify your placement level.  CELSA testing is available online. In order to request the CELSA exam, please complete the

Remote Testing Request Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDD8vJGrceSZTLpRqqJDBp616E-gb…

Once this is submitted, your request will be sent to your dedicated exam proctor, and you will set up a day and time to take the assessment.  You can call the ESL Hotline at (602) 285-7375 for more information about the CELSA assessment, or visit this link: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/academics/testing/placement-testing

You are eligible to get financial aid if you are a permanent resident or US citizen who finished high school.  You need a high school diploma to receive financial aid, either from the US or another country.  To qualify for financial aid, each student must complete the FAFSA (fafsa.gov), which is free.  Financial Aid also offers ongoing FAFSA workshops:  https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/become-student/paying-college/financial-…

We have plenty of scholarships through the Maricopa Community College District, and we have a special ESL scholarship for new ESL students. Please check out this link for more information: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/degrees-certificates/english-second-lang…

Yes, definitely.  For questions, email ar@phoenixcollege.edu

The program has four levels, so your completion depends on what level you start with and how many classes you take each semester.  Students may complete in one semester, or it may take four or more semesters to finish the course requirements.


ESL classes are not considered to be academic credit classes, even though each class has 3 credits.  However, ENG 107 and ENG 108 are academic classes and receive college credits. 

All ESL classes will meet Live Online during Spring 2021 due to COVID-19, which means classes will have regular meeting times via Zoom.

ESL classes range from 12-16 weeks.  Most classes meet two days a week for an hour and 15 minutes per class.

Each class normally meets 2 times a week, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. There are also some Saturday classes available.  Classes are available in the morning, afternoon, evening, and on weekends.

Once you finish the core ESL courses, you advance to the transitional ESL courses of ESL 087 and ESL 097.  Then, you will be ready for ENG 107 and ENG 108, completing your English requirement for college.

Phoenix College offers 1, 2, 3, and 4-credit classes.  For in-state tuition, a credit is $85.  Most ESL classes are 3 credits.  Therefore, one ESL class (per in-state tuition) is $255 plus college and textbook fees.  For out-of-state tuition, a credit is $326.  Therefore, one 3-credit (per out-of-state tuition) is $978 plus college and textbook fees. 

Yes, ESL students receive access to all Phoenix College support services for free.  Some types of support services include: Counseling, Tutoring, Food Pantry, and more. For a full list of services available to you, please visit https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/current-students/student-support-services

Many college level classes require essays and research papers.  We advise ESL students to complete ENG 107 before taking these courses.

Yes, if students qualify, they can apply for financial aid.  For more information on financial aid, please visit: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/become-student/paying-college/financial-…

Also, Phoenix College offers students a payment plan to assist with educational expenses.  For more information about the payment plan, please visit: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/become-student/tuition-and-fees/payment-…

Finally, scholarships are available.  For more information about the 100 for 100 ESL Scholarship, please visit: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/degrees-certificates/english-second-lang…