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EdReady assessments are now available on the Maricopa EdReady site. Student instructions and a video guide is available to assist you. It is very important that you log in with your MEID & password to ensure you are on the appropriate site. Your results will be uploaded within two business days, and can be used to register for English, reading and math courses. 


  • Please review the student instructions and video below prior to starting the EdReady Assessment
  • English Courses - students should take the English exam for placement into ALT100 & ENG101
  • Reading Courses - there are two different exams for Reading, refer to Student Instructions and information below to determine the most appropriate exam for you
    • For placement into ALT100 and RDG100 take the College Reading Exam
    • For placement into CRE101 or to test Exempt from CRE101 take the Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Placement
  • Math Courses -  there are two different exams for math, refer to Student Instructions and information below to determine the most appropriate exam for you 
    • For placement into MAT120/121/22, MAT 140/141/142 & MAT155/156 take the Quantitative Reasoning Alg and Stats Placement Exam 
    • For placement into MAT140/141/142, MAT150/151/152, MAT182 (if concurrently enrolled in MAT150,151,152) take the College Algebra Exam

Accuplacer a comprehensive, computerized, adaptive testing system designed to place students into the appropriate levels of English, reading and math. Placement results are used to determine appropriate course selection based on student knowledge and skills; it is not possible to pass or fail a placement test. The test series consists of three untimed subject areas: English (WritePlacer), reading & math. The WritePlacer exam provides a specific prompt and requires examinees to provide a writing sample (400-600 words) in response to that prompt; reading and math utilize a multiple-choice format.

Students typically receive their results when they complete the exam. You may receive a “Writeplacer Score Pending" notification in lieu of a score on the WritePlacer test. This means your essay required hand scoring and happens for a variety of reasons. It is not indicative of the course placement. Scores are typically available within two business days in your Student Center, access it with your student tools

CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) 

  • If English is not your native language you are strongly encouraged to take the CELSA course placement test to evaluate your college readiness for English and reading courses. CELSA is a multiple-choice exam, students must complete the exam within 45 minutes.
  • Students who want to take a math course will need to take the math portion of  Accuplacer or EdReady in addition to the CELSA exam.

What do I need to bring with me when I take my placement exam?

  • Phoenix College MEID or Student Number - if you haven't been admitted to the college, please navigate to and apply to Phoenix College prior to taking your placement exam.
  • Current, valid approved photo ID 

Practice & Prepare for your Placement Exam

Students are encouraged to prepare for the placement test, please refer to websites below for preparation material.

Placement Test Results

To access all of your placement scores currently on file, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Select Student Center and log in with your MEID & Password
  • Select the Academic Records tile
  • Select Student Test Scores link from the menu on the left - use the Placement Coach, or the MCCCD Course Placement Chart to determine initial course placement. Phoenix College has adopted several different tools (High School GPA, Accuplacer, EdReady, SAT, ACT, GED) that students may use for initial course placement into English, reading and math. Students may enroll in any class they are placed into based on any of the placement tools. Advisors will explain initial placement and answer questions you may have In BearTrax

Click here to find additional information about the Enrollment Process 

*Placement test scores are usually valid for 2 years from the date of testing. During pandemic operations Placement test scores will be valid for 5 years, with the exception for those students who place Reading Exempt, that placement will not expire.

If you have any questions please contact Testing Services at, or call 602.285.7844 for further information.

Students with Disabilities: If you require test accommodations due to a documented disability, please contact Disability Resources & Services for information regarding your accommodations at 602.285.7477