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information technology

Secure your future!

Do you love the idea of helping investigate and secure networks, systems and devices? The Cybersecurity Program is designed to focus on the necessary skills required to secure, protect and identify vulnerabilities in a network, including various operating systems, and network devices. The Cybersecurity Program will develop students understanding the theoretical, legal, ethical and practical skills needed to maintain security on various technologies.

This program prepares students for the following industry recognized certification(s):

  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • Ethical Hacking Associate (E|HA)
  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC-1)
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Cybersecurity AAS and CCL Download PDF

Information Technology Certificates


CCL-5154: Cybersecurity Fundamentals

  • CIS105
  • CIS111: Ethics in Info. Tech.
  • CIS126DL: Linux Operating System
  • CIS156: Python Programming
  • MST150++: Any Microsoft Windows Course   or BPC270: A+ Exam Prep: OS Configuration and Support
  • CIS190: Introduction to Local Area Networks
  • CIS270: Essentials of Network and Information Security
  • ITS240: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense

CCL-5149: Cyber Engineering

  • The courses in CCL-5154
  • CIS162++: Any C Programming: Level I Course
  • CIS227: Assembly Language
  • CIS238DL: Linux System Administration
  • CIS250: Management of Information Systems
  • CIS262++: Any C Programming: Level II course
  • CIS276++: Any SQL Database course