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Web Development & Design

information technology

Develop & design your future!

Ready to use your creative and technical skills to help companies succeed? The Web Development & Design Program is designed to prepare students to become well-rounded web professionals. The Web Developer track is designed to give students a set of skills that would allow them to develop interactive, dynamic, and responsive websites.
Web Designer is designed to give students a set of skills that would allow them to develop and design websites. Students will learn effective visual design to create websites that are easy to understand, navigate and use, and adhere to design standards and specifications. Completing the program will prepare students for such positions as web technicians, web designers, web marketing or e-commerce manager. Completing the program may lead to such positions as web technician, web designer, web programmer, and web developer.

This program prepares students for the following industry recognized certification(s):

  • Apple App Development with Swift Certification Level 1
  • Linux Essentials
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Software Development

Web Development & Design AAS and CCL Download PDF

Information Technology Certificates

Web Development & Design

Web Development & Design CCL-5984: Web Foundations

  • CIS105
  • CIS133DA
  • CIS120DF: Adobe Photoshop Level I
  • CIS136: Content Management Systems: WordPress
  • CIS166AA: Introduction to Javascripting
  • CIS233DA: Internet/Web Development Level II
  • CIS235: e-Commerce

CCL-5835N: Web Application Development

  • CIS105 or Permission of Program Dir. or Dept. Chair
  • CIS133DA  q    CIS166AA: Introduction to Javascripting
  • CIS233DA: Internet/Web Development Level II

CCL-5988: Web Development

  • The courses in CCL-5984
  • CIS126DL: Linux Operating System
  • CIS166AE: Web Scripting with PHP
  • CIS276DA MySQL Database
  • Select two of the following courses:   CIS150AB, CIS156 (Python), CIS159 (VB), CIS162++ (C), CIS163AA (Java),   CIS165++ (Mobile Programming), CIS262AD (C# Level 2), CIS263AA (Java Level 2),   or CIS265 (Adv. iOS App Dev.)
  • CIS+++: Any CIS course in Databases, Programming, OS, or Information Systems