Programming & Systems Analysis

Programming & Systems Analysis

Programming & Systems Analysis

Programming & Systems AnalysisProgram your future!  Do you like to solve technical problems and learn about a wide variety of software? 

The Programming & Systems Analysis program provides an in-depth exploration of many different computer language and technical skills. 

Students build a fundamental knowledge of operating systems, project management, computer programming fundamentals including a variety of programming languages, business systems analysis tools, management systems, and database development. Employment opportunities include computer programming analysts, software developers, and information systems analyst positions.

This program prepares students for the following industry-recognized certification(s):

  • Apple App Development with Swift Certification Level 1
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Linux Essentials
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Software Development

Programming & Systems Analysis AAS and CCL Download PDF

Information Technology Certificates

Programming & Systems Analysis

CCL-5048: Programming and Systems Analysis Level I

  • CIS105
  • CIS133DA
  • GBS151: Introduction to Business
  • CIS126DL: Linux Operating System or MST150++ (any Windows Course)
  • CIS150: Programming Fundamentals or CIS150AB: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals
  • CIS166++ Any Web Scripting course
  • CIS276DA MySQL Database
  • CIS159 or CIS162++ or CIS163AA or CIS165++: VB, C, Java, or any Mobile App course

CCL-5962: Programming and Systems Analysis Level II

  • The courses in CCL-5048
  • CIS190: Introduction to Local Area Networks
  • CIS250: Management of Information Systems
  • CIS259 or CIS262++ or CIS263AA or CIS265: VB, C, Java, or Advanced iOS Application Development