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information technology

Networking done right!

Want to help others with everything from software to hardware? The Networking Program is designed to give students the skills necessary to become networking professionals. The Networking Program provides students with practical knowledge and hands-on skills with an emphasis on computer networking and security. Students gain an understanding of the interaction between microcomputer software and hardware, network and internetworking operating systems software and hardware, local area network administration and management, troubleshooting techniques as well interpersonal/ customer service skills. Students can work toward industry recognized certifications and employment as network technicians and administrators.

This program prepares students for the following industry recognized certification(s):

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC-1)
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate
  • VMware Certified Associate
  • VMware Certified Professional

Networking CCL Download PDF

Information Technology Certificates


AAS-3189: Network and Systems Administration

  • CIS105 or Permission of Program Director
  • CIS102DA: Customer User Support
  • CIS126DL: Linux Operating System
  • CIS190: Introduction to Local Area Networks
  • BPC170: A+ Exam Prep: Comp. Hardware Config/Support
  • BPC270: A+ Exam Prep: OS Configuration and Support

Required: Choose one of the following specializations: 

  • CCL-5052N: Linux System Administration
  • CCL-5031: Microsoft System Administration

Restricted Electives: Take any of the following courses to get to 60 Credits:

  • BPC171 (1 credit), CIS111, CIS156, CIS197, CIS198,
    CIS224, CIS250, CIS238DL, CIS239DL, CIS240DL, CIS270,
    CIS275DL, CIS290++, CIS296++, CIS298++, or MST+++  

General Education:

  • ENG101 or ENG107    
  • ENG102 or ENG108
  • COM100, 110, 225, or 230  
  • CRE101 (0-3 credits)
  • MAT140 or Higher (3-5 credits)            
  • Any HU Class q    Any SB Class              
  • Any SG or SQ Science (4 credits)