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Stress Less

Stress Less

Stress Less through Mindfulness

Everyone becomes overwhelmed by their responsibilities from time to time; after all, we're only human!  Did you know that human beings also have a innate aptitude for mindfulness? 

It's a state of awareness that enables us to be fully present in the moment—when we can concentrate on who we are, and what we're doing, so that we're less reactive to stressors. Mindfulness can become an especially handy tool: the more you use it, the better you become at harnessing its power to reduce stress.

How Does it Work?

Stress Less is a weekly Drop-In Workshop to learn, and practice, techniques for mindfulness.   Held virtually, each session will focus on learning to limit anxiety, develop resilience, and improve emotional well-being.

Who's Eligible to Join?

Phoenix College Students, Faculty & Staff.  Open to people of all levels; no experience with mindfulness or meditation is required.

How Do I Participate?

Join through Google Meet
Wednesdays, Spring 2022
12 - 1 pm

No attendance commitment required; join as many, or as few, sessions as you please. 
No registration needed...simply click the meeting link above.

Please note that if the College is closed on a particular Wednesday, no session will take place.



This recurring event is sponsored by the Phoenix College Counseling Department, offering:
   Counseling & Consultation Services
Student assistance focused on goal development, and completion.
   Academic Courses
Learning-centered instruction, with classes in:
          -  Advancing Academic Achievement  (AAA)
          -  Counseling & Personal Development  (CPD)