Cap & Gown

Cap & Gown

Phoenix College has a limited supply of cap/gown/tassel packages on hand for Spring 2022 commencement. Stop by the Hannelly Center/Welcome Desk to see if we have your size and to pick up a free cap/gown/tassel for this year's commencement.

If we do not have your size or you would like to order your cap/gown/tassel through Balfour and have it shipped directly to you, you can place your order online directly with Balfour at:

Pricing:  $12.65 for Regalia Package
Tassel Only:  $1.65
Shipping Fee:  $12.95
NOTICE:  Orders placed less than 4 weeks prior to graduation are not guaranteed to be delivered for the commencement ceremony. 

Honor Cords/Stoles

Distinction Cords

Degree-seeking students may receive a distinction cord which is based on the grade point average at the end of the previous fall semester.  There will be no spring semester grades taken into consideration for your graduating GPA. If you are participating in commencement, you can pick up your distinction cords from Admissions, Records & Registration in the Hannelly Center prior to the ceremony or at the ceremony. 


If you are a veteran and would like to wear the Veteran's commencement stole, please contact Veterans Services at 602.285.7342 or

Cultural Stoles

You may attend a cultural convocation and receive a cultural stole. 

Honors Program

If you are receiving honor’s designations from the Honors Program, contact the coordinator of this program directly at  This designation is not handled through Admissions, Records & Registration. 

Phi Theta Kappa

If you are planning on ordering regalia for your graduation, please go to the PTK website and click "login" in the upper right corner. You can then follow the instructions for entering your Phi Theta Kappa membership number and school information (you should have received your PTK membership card in the mail). Once you have successfully entered the information, you'll be able to order your graduation regalia. ou may choose to order the cords, the stole, or both. PTK regalia MUST be ordered prior to your Stageclips (April 30 deadline) submission in order to receive it on time. 

How to Wear Your Cap & Gown

Bumstead will show you how!


What do you wear under your cap and gown?

What you wear under your cap and gown is about comfort and style! Think business-casual dress, and remember: your shirt collar or dress top will show. Wear comfortable shoes suited for the surface — a football field? Stairs to climb or descend? Check to see what the temperature will be during the ceremony and make sure you are prepared. Most importantly, wear something that won’t distract from the formality of the ceremony and is the right fit for post-ceremony dinner or an outing with family and friends.


How do you wear a mortarboard?

Wear your mortarboard like the academic pro you are. Place the cap on your head so the point is in the front, about 1 inch above the eyebrows. Your mortarboard should be worn level on your head, and the tassel should be placed on the right side.


How do you iron a graduation gown?

If you choose to iron your graduation gown, here are a couple of quick tips:

Turn the gown inside out and use the “Warm” setting on your iron. If you are ironing your stole, iron it face down, not directly on the stitching on the front.

Move the iron continuously; don’t stay too long in one spot! Hang the gown to keep it wrinkle-free. You can use a steamer on your graduation stole, too!


What side do you wear your graduation cap tassel?

Wear your graduation tassel on the right side of your mortarboard. When you have received your diploma, you will be told to flip your tassel to the left side!


How do you wear honor cords at graduation?

Here’s how to properly wear your graduation honor cord(s):

Once you are in your gown, first place your graduation stole around your neck, making sure the ends are at the same length.

Place your honor cord(s) on top of your graduation stole, again making sure the cords are at the same length.