Accommodations Requirements

Accommodations Requirements

The Disability Resources & Services will need a reasonable amount of time to provide services. Every attempt will be made to provide services in a timely manner.

Examples of Service Time Needed
Testing Accommodation 1 week 
Alternative Format Books 6 Weeks
Sign Language Interpreter 4 Weeks (minimum)
Note-taking Assistance See Advisor
Classroom Accommodations See Advisor
Assistive Listening Devices See Advisor  
Audio Recording for Classes See Advisor
Alternate Seating See Advisor

For further information regarding Section 504 or the ADA legislation and how it applies to students with a disability in postsecondary education please click on the links below:

Disability Documentation

It is the responsibility of the student to provide documentation to the Manager of the Disability Resources & Services (DRS), which conforms to the Documentation Policy as part of the intake process.  The Documentation Policy is included in the Student Handbook.  Documentation must (1) verify the existence of a disability as defined under Section 504 and under the ADA ; and (2) establish a clear connection between the accommodations being requested and the effects of the disability.

View the Maricopa Community Colleges Accommodations and Required Disability Documentation.

Students must provide documentation that complies with all applicable requirements of the MCCCD Documentation Policy.  If the DRS Manager advises a student that his/her documentation is incomplete, Phoenix College reserves the right not to provide services or accommodations until all documentation specified in the Documentation Policy is provided.  Students submitting only IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) or incomplete documentation, or if a particular accommodation request is not justified by the information provided in the student’s documentation, the student is responsible to pursue whatever additional documentation is required and to pay any costs thereof.

Services & Accommodations

Phoenix College provides students with disabilities with accommodations or with modifications to policies and practices in order to ensure that students have an equal opportunity to participate in all Phoenix College programs, services, and activities.  The purpose of accommodations is not to ensure success, but to provide access and equal opportunity.  The following policies and practices apply to all accommodations provided to students with disabilities at Phoenix College .

The DRS Manager will initially determine the accommodations to be provided to each student upon all of the following:

  • the documentation provided by the student;
  • the in-take interview with student;
  • academic policies of the student’s college;
  • the policies and practices set forth in the handbook;
  • consultation with course faculty, if necessary, regarding the essential course elements and the manner in which student mastery of course material is to be evaluated.

Accommodations for each student will be determined on an individual basis considering all the factors mentioned above. Students with similar disabilities may not necessarily receive the same accommodations. 

The initial accommodation determination of the DRS Manager may be modified for any number of reasons, such as the student tries the accommodation and it is not effective, or the Manager substitutes an equally effective accommodation for reasons of administrative efficiency.

A student who completes the in-take process with the DRS Manager is entitled to services and accommodations only from that date forward.  Phoenix College will generally not reexamine course work completed before the documentation of a disability even if the student can establish that they had a disability at the time of the course in question.