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Collection Development Guidelines


The mission of the Phoenix College Library is to serve the curricular needs of PC students for classes taken at PC, and to provide for the pedagogical needs of PC faculty in their roles as instructors of PC students. While the library's collection may meet some of the recreational needs of our library users, our primary goal is to support the educational efforts of students, instructors, and community members.

Materials Purchase

While it is the primary responsibility of the library faculty to purchase materials to support our core mission, other interested parties, including teaching faculty and students, shall be encouraged to suggest items for purchase. Library faculty will consider the following guidelines when adding materials to the collection:

  • Currency: Materials should be as current as possible, unless the subject matter or title warrants the purchasing of older materials.
  • Potential to satisfy multiple needs: Preference will be given to those materials that serve multiple needs, for example, a book about dietary supplements that may be used by students in English, biology, or health.
  • Amount of use of materials: Library materials budget will take into consideration subjects in high demand (based on circulation statistics).
  • Cost/limited use: Items that are expensive and/or of limited use will not normally be purchased. This includes materials that are primarily intended for faculty professional development.
  • Potential to meet the needs of traditionally underserved populations: The collection will contain materials representing diverse cultures and special needs.
  • Potential to meet he needs of English as a Second Language students: The collection shall be balanced to take into consideration the needs of ESL students and the various reading levels of our community of users.
  • Format: When there is availability in several formats, preference will be given to electronic formats that improve access and are cost effective.
  • Textbooks: Textbooks are not routinely purchased for the library collection, however titles regarded as "classics", or which are exceptional or unique may be added.


Gifts shall be added to the collection under the same conditions as material purchases. However, gifts will be accepted on the understanding that no conditions apply to their disposition. The library shall provide, upon request, a letter of donation acknowledgement for items added to the collection but will not supply an estimation of value in that acknowledgement.   


To maintain the currency, accuracy, browsability, and attractiveness of the collection, items will be de-selected from the library collection on an on-going basis. Librarians may seek the guidance of teaching faculty if they believe that this would better serve the needs of our students and the collection.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration when materials are de-selected:

  • Timeliness. Materials that are out of date, or have been superseded by newer editions, especially in medicine and law.
  • Physical condition. Materials that are in poor physical condition, or would be too costly to repair.
  • Unused. Materials that have not circulated in the previous five years and, in the opinion of the library faculty members, are not likely to circulate in the near future.
  • Duplicates. While duplicate copies are not normally purchased, where there are duplicates these may be discarded, if considered appropriate.

Intellectual Freedom

The library faculty shall not censor material for content. Furthermore, they shall take active steps to ensure a balanced collection in order to uphold the right of all library users to have selections available that suit their purposes from a broad spectrum of views on any particular issue. The library faculty support the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

All library users have the right to request that an item be reviewed for possible removal from the collection. For the procedure to follow, please contact the Chair of the Library Department.

The library faculty shall conform to the copyright laws of the United States.