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Courses and Instruction

College courses are available year-round, taught by experienced Counseling faculty. These courses are designed to help you navigate college and provide valuable strategies for successful educational development.

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*Some courses are also offered online or in a hybrid format.

Course offerings include:

  • Career Exploration
  • Strategies for College Success
  • Intro to Multiculturalism
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution

Emergency Funding

Students experiencing financial emergencies should be referred to the Phoenix College Counseling Department. Counseling faculty assist students in identifying financial and non-financial strategies to address emergency needs and assist students in completing an application for one-time emergency funds.

If you need help paying for food, bills, or transportation fill out the Need Help? form here and we will reach out to you and schedule you for an appointment with a counseling faculty member.

Academic Counseling

Counseling faculty can assist you with finding direction for your educational planning. Trained staff can help you clarify your goals and values and develop your communication skills. Assessments and self-administered tests are also available to help you discover and evaluate your skills and abilities.

Career Planning/Occupational Counseling

Investigate majors, explore employment options and identify current trends in the job market. Take career tests to give you a sense of direction. Tools and resources are available to help you succeed. 

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Campus & Community Resources

We have gathered valuable resources both at Phoenix College and within our community to assist you. If you need additional resources and/or support connecting to these resources, please make an appointment with Counseling faculty.

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Community Resources