How to Help a Student in Distress

CARE / Early Alert

The CARE (Early Alert) program is designed to connect students who are in distress as a “warm handoff” to the Counseling Department. The CARE program is a team effort by faculty, coordinators, and support staff to increase student retention, success, and completion rates. The CARE program is most effective when a referral is submitted within the first three to four weeks of the semester; however, a referral is welcome at any time since we realize students encounter challenges throughout the course of the semester.

CARE / Early Alert

Anyone! Faculty, staff, other students, family, and friends of Phoenix College students. 

  1. First speak with the student about your concern and worries.
  2. Inform the student that you would like to connect them with the Counseling Department to provide additional resources and support. Tell them that you will submit a CARE referral in which the CARE program coordinator will contact the student to help them schedule an appointment with a Counseling Faculty. 
  3. Since the CARE program provides essential notices by email or phone, please ask students to check their phone/email account frequently and respond quickly if they are contacted.
  4. Fill out the CARE (Early Alert) Reporting Form
  5. If you have question or need additional clarification, please contact 

  • Our CARE coordinator will acknowledge the Reporter’s submission within one workday.
  • Our CARE coordinator will make the initial contact with the student via phone and/or email to set up an appointment with a Counseling Department Faculty. 
  • When the student attends the Initial Appointment, the Counseling Faculty will assess their situation, create a personalized plan to ensure academic success, and provide referrals to additional resources when warranted.
  • Our CARE coordinator will send an email notification to update the Reporter with a follow-up. 


FREE, anonymous 24/7 Peer Support 

Togetherall is a safe place where students can connect with others about what's going on in their life - big or small. Here is a quick look inside Togetherall

Togetherall is:
  • Completely free to use
  • Anonymous, with no judgment or stigma
  • Online for easy access with no waiting lists
  • Monitored by mental health professionals 24/7
On Togetherall, you can:
  • Share your experiences with others in the community
  • Read others’ stories and find comfort in knowing you’re not alone
  • Join a group based on a topic that’s important to you
  • Respond to others’ posts with a kind word, phrase or advice
  • Create art to express yourself because sometimes words aren’t enough
  • Take wellbeing courses (i.e. stress management, depression, trauma, sleep) and self-assessments to feel better on your terms, in your own time

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