Coping with stress. Dealing with change. Making decisions about your career and future. These are all a part of college life. Free and confidential counseling is available to help you manage it all. Counselors can help in a number of ways.

Academic Counseling
Counselors can provide direction for your school planning. Clarify your goals and values, and develop your communication skills. Assessments can help you discover your skills and abilities.

Career Planning/Occupational Counseling
Investigate majors, explore employment options, and identify job market trends. Take career tests to give you a sense of direction. Tools and resources are available to help you succeed. Get further guidance by visiting Career Services. 

Personal Development
Personal counseling can help with stress and anger management, depression or anxiety, or other personal issues. Counselors can teach relaxation techniques and how to cope with crises and more.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention
Counseling is free and confidential. Counselors provide assistance or referrals for alcohol or drug dependencies. They can help with other sensitive issues too.