Online Tutoring

All PC students have access to Online Tutoring through Brainfuse

Brainfuse tutoring is available online 24/7 through your Phoenix College courses in Canvas by clicking on the “Online Tutoring Tab”.

Brainfuse Writing Lab

Students who are in the preliminary stages of the writing process (or who just prefer more immediate feedback) have the option to receive live, one-to-one writing assistance from a Brainfuse writing tutor.

Students may also submit their writing online through our secure messaging service. Within 24 hours, a Brainfuse writing specialist will return the paper along with a detailed analysis and a customized analytic rubric*. Rubrics focus on organization, voice, and thematic coherence. Students can share the rubric analysis with live tutors for more targeted assistance.

*Students may find it helpful to bring in their Brainfuse analysis to the Learning Commons Writing Center and meet one-on-one with a tutor!

Brainfuse LiveHelp

Students enjoy live, on-demand homework help from Brainfuse-certified tutors in a variety of college subjects. Tutors and students communicate in real time through the Brainfuse Online Classroom. Whatever a student types, draws, or shares on the screen, the tutor sees, and vice versa. All sessions are recorded for later review.

Subjects include: Business, Computers & Technology, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Health Professions, History, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.